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Looking forward to the next release and I really dig the pushing for donations to an animal shelter, lots of love. Hope you're staying safe and are on trach for the release.

Thank you! All is well here - my working hours are a little lean, but I just completed a key scene and am hoping to put something out in March - this will probably just be the first half of Day 3 at this rate, but we'll keep going from there!

Hope you are doing well and stay safe!


Nice one, glad to hear and thank you! I look forward to it!

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The game looks wonderful!! I I want to play full game (on android) but the subtitles bar is really hugeee and is blocking visuals and also can't hide it...  Since you won't work on android is there any way to change that?

I will try and see if that's possible.. 


Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you're enjoying! If you have any follow-up on the text box, I'm happy to pursue it. It's something I can also do some research into - any official update would come in the next release in 2021.

I have no sound on a Mac. Is there sound?


There is no sound - so everything is working as expected!

When is the next update?


The next release will likely be in early 2021 - this coincides with plans to make this the full day 3 release. I'm sorry I will not be able to update sooner, but I am preparing for a medical procedure (and recovery from that procedure). I have been battling ongoing issues for months and working through them, but I am now putting updates on the shelf to focus on my health and recovery.

I'm sure that raises some concern, but I wouldn't worry about me disappearing as other devs have with "health issues" - this is not life threatening and I've always done this game as a free hobby anyway.

thank you for replying, your game is great!!

And I hope you ill recover and get well soon


If only...the protagonist was Futa 😌


Awesome graphics, hopefully we'll get more of this story.



Thank you! More will be coming soon, stay tuned!

Well I've just read your statement about donate to an animal shelter.

I didn't, but I adopted my beloved dog in one of thoses ;-)

So glad to hear it! Shelter animals all need happy, loving homes!